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  FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 21, 2011 8:33am-8:40am EDT

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>> steve: did you say deal? >> alisyn: i did say deal. >> steve: do you know who made that an art? >> alisyn: who is that? >> steve: donald trump. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: how are you doing? >> doing well, thank you. >> steve: we've got this military action going on right now in libya. how do you think the president is handling it? >> i think he's been very late. i thought it was a humanitarian thing for some of these people, and two, three weeks later, thousands and thousands of people have been killed and if he would have done this two weeks ago, 2 1/2 weeks ago, you might have stopped the whole thing and frankly, i also think they've been pretty well anticipated. i don't think they have the power to take over. so something bad is going to happen. if you're going to do it, you really should have done it earlier. the other thing -- i can't say kick out of, but i'm amazed, the arab league wants us to do it. why aren't they doing it? this is saudi arabia, why aren't they paying for it? they say go in and do it, we don't like that guy very much.
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he's not nice to us. go in and do it. why aren't they paying us? we're going to spend $500 million within the next few days, it will be a total of over $500 million for the tomahawks and everything else. why aren't they paying? >> steve: so far we've fired off 125 tomahawks. you mentioned right there. each one of them now costs $1.5 million to replace. so you're talking about close to $200 million right there. >> saudi arabia says oh, go in, let's go. go ahead. how many planes is saudi arabia sending? none. we're training their pilots. it's interesting. we're training their pilot, but none of their pilots are attacking. by the way, the last time we had with saudi arabia, remember with saddam hussein, their soldiers ran and our soldiers held the line when he was attacking saudi arabia. so, i mean, this is really terrible. why aren't these people paying? the arab league wants us to get
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rid of one of their people that they didn't like and they probably laugh at us, the stupidity of our leaders and politicians is unbelievable. >> brian: i tell you what, they have about 1,000 planes, if you look at the arab league. they went up and told sarkozy, if you get the u.s. involved, we're all for it. >> i think it's amazing, the french. they are our new leaders. and france of all countries. look, i love france, it's wonderful. but i never thought of them as one of the great military leaders. now they're leading the united states. so it's just a total mess. we should have done it earlier. the arab league should be paying for this. of all things, for the arab league to say, go in, do it, we don't like this guy -- by the way, we're not paying you. it's unbelievable. >> brian: what about the fact that we're not going after this guy that's been a menace for 40 years, moammar gadhafi, we're not targeting him. it's okay if he stays in power. >> that was the other thing. shear shooting all the
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tomahawks, blue please don't send one his way because you might hurt him. isn't that unbelievable? there is no way where he remains the leader where the united states wins. any scenario where he stays in power, he can negotiate some treaty, any scenario where he stays in power, we're the losers. >> alisyn: let's talk about japan with their nuclear crisis over there. is there anything different the u.s. should be doing? >> well, i think we're fine. i mean, it's a tragedy like there has never been. but there has never been anything possibly and this is not over yet, al, i possibly like this. when i look at that wave and the earthquake and it's still trembling. they say it's minutes, every minute something is going off. so in the big thing is, are they going to solve the nuclear problem? it is really a tragedy. >> steve: sure. closer to home, donald, of course, now governor cuomo says the indian point, 25 miles from where we're sitting right now, we better really scrutinize that. some are saying you got to close it down because it's too close
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to new york city. it's on some earthquake fault lines and stuff like that. yet, i think a quarter of all the light bulbs in this room are powered by that power plant. >> hey, if new york city were saudi arabia, where they have unlimited money, i'd say close it down and let's go with coal or oil or fuel or something. let's go with anything. but new york city has a definite sit the likes of which few places have ever seen. how are you going to close it down? are we going to spend $4 billion to build a new plant someplace? we don't have so many options. >> brian: you can't be arrogant. you have to be practical. let's talk about what governor palin is doing. this is the same things others did, travel to powerful countries that are allies and be known, interact with the leaders and get a sense of what they think of us. how do you feel about where sarah palin is today over in israel? >> it would sound to me like she's running. very simply, it sounds to me like she's going to be running and that will be fine.
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>> brian: you are going to declare in june, i know that. but where are you going to get that international experience where you can interact with the leaders? >> i've been interacting with leaders of countries and leaders of business all over the world, all of my life. and i think you guys know that probably better than anybody. i think i probably have more experience than anybody, whether i sell them real estate for tremendous amounts of money -- i mean, i've dealt with everybody. by the way, i could tell you something else. i dealt with gadhafi. >> steve: what did you do? >> i rented him a piece of land. he paid me more for one night than the land was worth for the whole year, or for two years and then i didn't let him use the land. that's what we should be doing. i don't want to use the word screwed. >> but i screwed him. that's what we should be doing. i rented him a piece of land in bedford, new york. i rented him a piece of land, he paid me a fortune and then i didn't let him use the land. >> alisyn: donald, why didn't you let him use it? >> because i didn't want to. >> alisyn: fair enough.
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>> that should be the thinking of this country, not the kind of thinking we have right now. it's ridiculous. >> steve: okay. >> just a little controversy for your shore. >> alisyn: tell us what's going on with "celebrity apprentice." last night you ousted nikki taylor. >> i did. she was a class act, amazing. she said, mr. trump, i was the project manager, i really deserve to be fired. a total class act. >> steve: she's out now. we were talking in the break, sir, about how the fact that within the last week or two, you fired one of alisyn's childhood idols, richard hatch -- >> alisyn: keith partridge. >> i snow she's very physically attracted to richard hatch. he's a very attractive guy. he went from 350-pound down to 170 and now he's in jail. >> brian: yeah. >> alisyn: what? >> steve: we missed that part. >> he is now in jail, richard hatch is now in jail. >> brian: is that off the show or -- >> no, no. it's fine. he's going to get time off for good behavior hopefully.
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>> brian: because he's annoying, but he's good. >> he actually is good. nikki taylor was a class act. >> alisyn: that's great. let's hope richard hatch keeps his clothes on. >> brian: whatever you do, don't get rid of gary busey. >> he is a truly great piece of work. he's a brilliant guy 10% of the time. the rest of the time he's crazy. >> every monday we're doing this? that's exciting for me. i think your show is great. >> alisyn: thanks, donald. talk to